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Celebration of Afghan-Russia 100th anniversary of diplomatic relations establishment

By: Shukria Kohistani

The 100th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Afghanistan-Russia was celebrated in Kabul. In this celebration, message of President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani was readout on this occasion that reads in part, I express my best wishes to Afghans and Russian federation people. Led by young and progressive monarch Shah Amanullah Khan in 1919 the Independent Afghanistan requested mutual recognition of Soviet Russia based on bilateral respect, independence, sovereignty. This request was welcomed by young soviet Russia. Even since our relations have been promoting in the benefit of both countries.
In this message which was readout by presidential advisor Fazel Mohammad Fazli the Russian Federation was appreciated for its permanent support of Afghanistan in international community and providing training facilities for ANSF.
In his message the president adds, I believe that these relations would promote in the following years. The people of RF support Afghan people in war on terror, drugs, peace and reconciliation. Afghans attach high importance to Russia positive efforts in peace, security in the region.

Later on Deputy MoF of Afghanistan Edriss Zaman addressing the ceremony said, I our diplomatic relationship took shape over the last 100 years since the independence of Afghanistan. Russia was the first county who recognized independence of Afghanistan. We remain grateful for this unforgettable, strong show of support at a time we needed.
We are thankful to Russia’s support since fall of Taliban in 2001. The Afghan government and people will warmly welcome involvement of Russian investors in our domestic markets in the sector of their choice.
He added, please allow me to reaffirm Afghanistan commitment to further expanding of ties with Russian Federation.
Subsequently Russian ambassador to Kabul Alexander Mantisky said, we are celebrating today the 100th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Afghanistan and Russian federation. Since long times, Russia has been maintaining good relations with Afghanistan/ Russia has offered assistance to Afghanistan in the fields of agriculture, education, health and infrastructure.
Russian Federation is infavor of a united, stable, free of drugs and corruption Afghanistan.
On behalf of Afghan MoFA Asef Naderi who had attended capacity building courses in Russian foreign ministry, diplomacy academy, expressed appreciation said, Afghan young diplomats needed capacity building progress as every year 15 young diplomats attend these courses in Russia and so far three groups have benefitted these programs in Russia we hope these programs will develop further.
At the conclusion of the ceremony, gifts were exchanged by Afghan foreign deputy minister and Russian ambassador in the hope of further strengthening of Afghanistan-Russia relations.

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