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Ceasefire; a prerequisite for peace talks

Nowadays, the issue of peace has once again been heating up inside and outside the country. The foreign countries emphasizing on ending of violence in Afghanistan through a peaceful political solution and the domestic public opinion wishing the process to be concluded and war and bloodshed be finished in the country.
Announcement of permanent ceasefire can help current peace process and causes the peace talks to go ahead quickly and fruitfully and could implement the wishes of Afghan people on ending of their pains and hardships due to continued bloodshed and violence.
Continuation of war and violence caused the peace talks not to advance effectively as well as made the people not to be sufficiently hopeful on peace talks process and don’t believe these talks to solve current violent problems. This require both sides of the conflict that prior to everything relevant to peace process, to agree on a ceasefire, clashes be ended and bloodletting be finished and then both sides continue their talks and reach a solution, agree on relevant issues, settle current problems and open the ways for everlasting peace and ending of problems which have been the constant position of the Afghan government.
The Afghan government has always proclaimed agreement with ceasefire and has once announced a unilateral and unconditional ceasefire and has ordered ANDSF to give up fire except in case of insurgents offensive, stop their attacks and in no circumstances support violence and bloodletting.
But it was the opposite side that didn’t want to make ceasefire or give up violence but in contrary has intensified violence and continued bloodletting. The Taliban have always disagreed ceasefire and has never give up targeting of the combatant and non-combatants.
During the last nine rounds of peace talks between Taliban and the US negotiating delegation in Doha the capital of royal Qatar, ceasefire was one of the four topics of the discussion, but Taliban disagreed it prior to withdrawal of foreign forces.
This has improved this mentality that they never intend to conclude violence peacefully nor they are ready to end the war and implement peace. Taliban waiting the withdrawal of foreign forces based on an agreement with Americans, then intensify war to get power forcefully and re-establish their so-called Emirate and once again turn Afghanistan a safe haven for the terrorists.
Their support countries are also paving the way mysteriously and confusingly for such a situation to take advantage from such a situation. These countries even openly and secretly arming the militants to fight the Afghan government and carry out destructive activities in the major cities.
Taliban must be made to make ceasefire simultaneous with beginning of peace talks and give up violence. Establishment of a permanent ceasefire must be guaranteed prior to every talks and without ceasefire, peace talks would not be useful and fail to pave the way towards end of crisis.
If Taliban truly want lasting peace in the country and withdrawal of the foreign forces, then should hold direct talks with the Afghan government and pave the way for durable peace and stability in the country. Their continued violence would never bring desired results for the militants, rather would provide the opportunity to other terrorists to destabilize Afghanistan and the surrounding countries.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.