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Ceasefire a must to achieve peace

Afghan people and government considering peace process as an inter- Afghan process insist that the one should be considered an Afghan owned and respected and foreign countries should only support it.
BNA political analyst commenting on the issue writes: United States of America has stepped up its efforts for promoting peace talks among factions involved in Afghan problem. As Zalmay Khalilzad the envoy of that country for Afghanistan visiting the affected countries on Afghan crisis has visited the representatives of Taliban in Qatar. Khalilzad who seems satisfied from his work and is optimistic about the future recently visited president Ghani in Kabul and informed him about the details of his talks with Taliban and called the results positive. He emphasized that America as a supporter of peace process in Afghanistan respects the laws and the will of the people of that country.
Although so far, nothing has been officially said about the details of Khalilzad’s visit with Taliban, but he wants to follow a peaceful diplomacy in that regard.
According some media reports and informal sources Taliban have showed interest for enforcement of a long term ceasefire. Without doubt an enforcement of ceasefire provides the ground for settling many problems which is good news for Afghan people.
Although there is optimism regarding to peace process in Afghanistan and can been seen on the feature of Afghan and western diplomats but Taliban using the opportunity accelerating their provocations to extend the areas under their control in order to have upper hand in political talks. While the Afghan people insist on restoring a comprehensive peace that ensures national interests and protects the achievements of the last 17 years. In such a process the major winner would be the people.
The Afghan people and government have consistently emphasized that peace is a need and high human goal but never accept a shameful peace.
We hope peace process in Afghanistan should be considered and respected as inter- Afghan process and the foreign countries only support and strengthen the process through impartial, honest and moral efforts. Also it is required Taliban to think about peace and national interests not about expanding the territories under their control. In this way the Afghans reach their old aim that is peace.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.