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CE Abdullah chairs CMs’ meeting

KABUL: Chief Executive, Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, on Monday chaired the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers (CMs), sharing reports about the recently held Geneva summit, a statement from his office said.
He said Afghanistan priorities about peace, and national development, development of private sector, women, refugees and repatriates and food immunity have been among the issues discussed in the conference.
According to him, the Geneva Conference also discussed election and democracy and persisted on their continuation in Afghanistan, where an Afghan owned and Afghan managed peace process was the key demand of the Afghan people that the stakeholder countries had to cooperate in this field.
“Peace process is unconditional and in the peace process, the last 17 years’ achievements and the constitution are the basic issues,” said the CE adding they were willing the change of presidential system, but not through illegal means, as the way how to amend the constitution was clear.
Senior security officials briefed the CE about the recent developments, with the minister of interior reporting about the killing of up to 653 militants, injury of 200 and the arrest of 20 others during joint Afghan and Resolute Support Mission operation.
The interior minister also said a Taliban shadow-governor for Helmand was also killed during the security forces raids.
Other issues related to agenda, including the ministries of information and culture and education’s offer to transfer the land possessed by the Aryana Printing Press to the Ministry of Education, have also been shared by the members, the statement added.
The education acting minister asked for removal of misunderstanding with the ministry of information and culture over the land transfer, as he said the ministry of education was publishing more than 40 million books annually and needed to expand its publication section.
The CE instructed that the land should be transferred into the possession of the ministry of education, during a meeting led by the CE’s First Deputy, if no legal reason was available, according to the statement.
About the situation of the ancient relics, the acting minister of information and culture provided details as saying 300 historical monuments and relics have been surveyed in the provinces and 263 other restored. Among the restored monuments, 119 have been rehabilitated by Agha Khan foundation and Firuz Koh company and the remaining by the ministry itself.
The acting minister also spoke about lack of budget and professional skilled human resources for restoration and protection of the country’s historical monuments and asked for serious attention in this field.
The CE instructed for setting up a delegation consisted of representatives from the CE’s first deputy, ministries of information and culture, finance, urban development and economy to assess the budget problem of the ministry of information and culture, particularly the directorate of the historical monuments protection and restoration and share the report with the next meeting of the Council of Ministers’ meeting.
Dr. Abdullah said, in his recent visit to France, he had discussion with the UNESCO chief about the historical and ancient relics of Afghanistan and that the capacities of the organization should be highly used in protection of the country’s valuable historical heritages, the statement concluded.
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