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Cash, non-cash assistance distributed to flood victims in Badakhshan

FAIZABAD: Hundreds of flood-affected families have been provided with cash and non-cash assistance in the country’s northeastern province of Badakhshan, the pro vincial Information and Culture Department said in a statement the other day. The Commander of 217th Omari Army Corps General Mawlavi Amannuddin Mansoor said that 7 items of food and non-food assistance and 10 million Afghani that had been provided by the Prime Minister’s Office, have been distributed by his-led army corps among the flood victims in 20 districts of the province, according to the statement. Meanwhile, the Director of the provincial information and culture department Eng. Zabihullah Amiri said that the local officials have addressed the challenges facing the floodstricken people shortly after the incident in the province. Eng. Amiri added that 1,000 sacks of flour, 40 sacks of rice, 180 blankets, 316 carpets, 150 boilers, 300 items of kitchen and 16 tents, have been distributed to the flood victims of 20 districts of the province. Recent devastating flash floods have caused huge human and financial losses in the province. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.