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Carpet industry declining in the country

Although, the Afghan carpet has a special reputation and popularity in the world, but unfortunately, due to lack of attention to this industry, its production has been on a down trend in the past few years and its exports abroad have decreased alarmingly.
If this industry is not paid attention to, this industry will vanish.
At the same time, the carpet industry and producers say: that 60,000 square meters of carpets are exported to Pakistan every month, and then the country sells them with its own logo to world markets.
Carpet is one of the most important and ancient industries of Afghanistan. This industry was one of the country’s export items in the years before the civil wars, and its export was an important part of the national revenue.
But since ten years, the key industry of the country has been declining and the lack of support for this industry has caused that the Afghan carpets are now sent to neighboring countries.
As the carpet is the most important export product of the country, and inattention to the industry and reducing the amount of its export can cause heavy damage to Afghanistan’s carpet industry family.
Therefore, it is necessary for the authorities to pay serious attention to the carpet weaving industry.
One of the carpet sellers in Kabul city, Qurban Ali says, that since 90 century, the export of Afghan carpets was in the first and second position, but now, unfortunately, it is in the seventh and eighth position.
If the government pave the way for producing quantitative and qualitative carpet like India and Pakistan the country’s carpet industry will grow and finds its place in the world markets.
Mohammad Ashraf, another carpet seller, says, Afghani carpets are now sold in foreign markets, including Europe and America, under the brand name of other countries, and on the other hand, the prices inside the country have been ruined by Turkish and Irani carpets, the producers cannot afford them. In the market, the competitors and producers are forced to produce low-quality carpets with low costs due to the decrease in the selling price of carpets in the market, instead of original and high-quality products that cause huge costs.
Lack of attention to the carpet industry, paves the ground for opportunists to abuse the abilities and morals of the producers.
In this case, in the future, we will also witness that the Afghan weaving carpets sell in the name and mark of other countries and other producers to the world market.
The cause behind failure of carpet producers in the country is the sale of Afghan hand-woven carpets in the world bazaars, they are sold under the brands of other countries.
Carpet is one of the historical and ancient industries of Afghanistan, which has a history of nine thousand years. Therefore, the weaving of carpets in Afghanistan goes back to the civilization of Aryans.
Afghanistan’s people using Qaraqul wool for making all kinds of high-quality carpets and rugs.
Let’s support this unique industry of the country.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.