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Cambodia’s ‘Khmer Times’ can play a significant role in South East Asia

The Khmer Times is a widely circulated English-language newspaper in Cambodia. It is also widely known in South East Asia. Khmer Times is very popular in Cambodia. According to their media outlets, policymakers and decision-makers read the news publication regularly. According to the Khmer Times website, its hard-hitting insightful editorials and opinions are keenly followed by the government, lawmakers, diplomats, and business people alike.

Khmer Times can play a very important role in resolving the Rohingya refugee crisis. It can publish some pertinent news, reports, articles related to Rohingya refugees. It has been publishing many write-ups regarding the Rohingya crisis and its solution. Its writings can impact the whole of southeast Asian leaders including Cambodian leaders to think about the regional leader.

Cambodia is going to take the role of the leadership of ASEAN. As an active member, Cambodia can play a very significant role in solving the Rohingya refugee crisis.  Cambodia’s Khmer Times can play a strong role in this regard.

In this regard, Cambodia’s Khmer Times can and should play a very significant role to solve the crisis such ways:

  • Khmer Times can publish all kinds of news, reports, and editorials articles regarding the Rohingya refugee crisis to make public opinion to pressurize the policymakers in solving the Rohingya refugee crisis.
  • It can publish satire. It can also publish a poll opinion.
  • It can influence Cambodia’s Buddhist society by publishing its nice write-up.

However, Khmer Times is a very fine and excellent newspaper in South East Asia. The accuracy, credibility, and acceptability of publications in Khmer times are very high. So, it should create public opinion in favor of Rohingya crisis repatriation to Myanmar on humanitarian grounds.

The government of Myanmar, its decision-makers, and people are well known about Khmer Times. Thus, it is very easy for Khmer Times to influence the policymaker and people of Myanmar to some extent the decision-makers and leaders of whole South Asian countries.

As  Bangladeshi, we always appreciate the role of the Khmer Times regarding the ‘Media Coverage of Rohingya Refugee Crisis in South East Asia. We hope, Khmer Times will continue it. One day, policymakers in this region will understand this. The Rohingya refugee crisis would be solved one day and the whole region will be stable.  We think that the role of Khmer time is very positive in this regard. Khmer Times is on the Right Track. So Khmer Times has been playing a very significant role in Whole South East Asia to create positive public opinion in this regard. We, Bangladeshi citizens, hope and appreciate the significant role of the Khmer Times.

Author: Pathik Hasan, Dhaka-based researcher, and columnist with a particular interest in current international issues.

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