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Cabinet meeting: remaining works of Kamal Khan and Bakhsh Abad dams should be reviewed

KABUL: The cabinet meeting of the Islamic Emirate, chaired by Prime Minister Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, was held the other day, the Prime Minister office said in a statement.
The meeting focused on the remaining works of Kamal Khan and Bakhsh Abad dams and urged for the reviewing of the construction process, the statement said adding that a report about the ongoing work should be shared with the next cabinet meeting.
Also, the cabinet meeting tasked a delegation led by acting Minister of Water and Energy Mullah Abul Latif Mansour and membered by Abdul Latif Nazari, Deputy Economic and Technical Minister, Mawlavi Sader Azam, Deputy Agriculture Minister, Sayed Ahmad Mostaqeem, Deputy Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Representative of the Finance Ministry, to visit and investigate into Kamal Khan Dam in Nimruz and Baksh Abad Dam in Farah provinces and present their reports to the next cabinet meeting. Meanwhile, in order to prevent traffic accidents and disorder, a delegation was also assigned to present a new plan to the next cabinet meeting in order to review and amend the previous plan. Under a decree from Amir al-Mumineen, a commission, led by Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani, Acting Minister of Interior Affairs was also assigned to provide assistance for the latest earthquake affected families in Paktika province.
Also, the commission has the responsibility to hear the suggestions of domestic and foreign aid organizations and to provide the ground for a fair and transparent distribution of the assistance.
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