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Cabinet meeting approves draft on completion of Kamal Khan dam’s technical affairs

KABUL: The Cabinet meeting of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan with Prime Minister of the IEA Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund on the chair, was held at the presidential palace.
The meeting approved the proposals of the appointed delegation for the completion of technical affairs of Kamal Khan Dam and the Economic Commission was tasked to implement the related issues.
In the meeting, the proposals related to the digging of diversion tunnels in Bakhsh Abad dam of Farah province was also approved and the economic commission was tasked to implement the related matters and take the necessary measures.
A delegation under the chairmanship of Mullah Abdulhaq Akhund, Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs and with the participation of representatives from the Ministries of Public Health, Order to Virtue and Prohibition from Vice and the Complaints Commission, the Supreme Court and the Attorney General Office were obliged to prevent buying and selling of all kinds of drugs, and arrange a comprehensive procedure for the next meeting.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.