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Cabinet holds meeting

KABUL: Chaired by President Muhammad Ashraf Ghani, cabinet held meeting the other day, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.
At the outset, the president congratulated advent of holy month of Ramadan and prayed for ensuring lasting peace and stability across the country, according to the statement.
Afterwards, appreciating Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) for ensuring security during Consultative Loya Jirga days, the president tasked the relevant organs to appreciate their activities, the statement added.
Likewise, the president briefed cabinet members about his separate meetings with 34 provinces’’ representatives in Peace Consultative Loya Jirga and discussion on their problems, after which he directed the related organs to address them.
The president tasked senior presidential advisor office on public and strategic relations that in cooperation with affairs’ administration to review the delivering information condition in the ministries and government administrations.
During the meeting, the cabinet principally approved the draft law on chemical codes presented by the minister of justice and tasked the ministry that in cooperation with relevant administrations correct the draft law for proceeding. The cabinet also approved the draft regulation on procurement cadre and tasked the ministry of justice to step up on its proceeding and enforcing. The meeting also approved the draft modification and cancelation of some articles of the regulation to send Afghan workers to abroad presented by the minister of justice.
The cabinet also approved 2019 first quarter report which was on Afghanistan commitments’ implementation progress to Geneva conference and tasked the relevant administrations to work on fully implementation of the mentioned commitments. The minister of rural rehabilitation and development also asked for changing the name of that ministry to the ministry of reconstruction and rural rehabilitation and the meeting approved it.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.