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Cabinet bans authorities’ photos on military vehicles

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on March 14 approved in a cabinet meeting that it is illegal and restricted to use the photos of high-ranking government officials or other people on any kind of vehicles.
The cabinet has assigned the ministries of interior and defense to stop their related personnel from using such pictures on their vehicles.
Normally, the people would decorate their vehicles with different kinds of photos and images, which would include pictures of religious imageries and photos of government officials, sportsmen, artists, and other national and international famous figures.
Recently, the IEA cabinet approved the restriction of using top government officials and leaders’ photos on vehicles. The cabinet meeting was chaired by Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund, Prime Minister of the IEA; deputy ministers and a number of acting ministers were also present in the meeting.
Consequently, people have welcomed the step with great pleasure. Ramiz Samadi, a Kabul resident, was satisfied with the decision and said that the photos and names of top government officials were mostly misused and ordinary people have experienced many financial and physical sufferings because of such misuse in the past.
Farohar Hotak, pleased with the decision, said that such photos were largely misused by the kidnappers, thieves and strongmen, and that they have greatly benefitted from it. However, in most cases the officials would even not know their photos are being misused, he added.
Since long ago, the names and photos of top officials have been used for different purposes in the country.
In government workplaces, the names of such officials were used to receive undeserving privileges.
Along with other problems, these photos have raised many conflicts, on both ordinary and nationwide level in the country as well. If A followed his leader, he would put his photo on rear window of the car.
The B would also do the same for his own leader. Similar thing would happen in government offices and workplaces, causing serious conflicts, each side insisting for his leader’s picture.
Now that the country is experiencing an overall security with crime rate fallen by a large percentage since the IEA came in power, the people warmly welcomed the decision, saying such decisions could guarantee a safe and better future for the people.
Sadia Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.