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Bush’s arrogance and Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid’s prediction

Memories of Jihad # Part 1

Deputy Information and Culture Minister for Publication

Hayatullah Muhajir Farahi

You thought that he (Gorge W. Bushformer U.S. President) is a commander in chief of armed forces all over the world, who used to issue new order every moment, threatening other countries: “Either you stand by our side or will be counted among terrorist groups.”
Even nuclear countries changed their strategy by a mere telephone call from him (Bush) who spread his shadow of fear and dread everywhere in the world.
One of his counterparts (the author didn’t name which country’s president, he was) who spent nearly ten years here, with a soft tone told him: Entering Afghanistan is very easy, but it is very difficult to come out of it (be attentive not to repeat mistakes made by the former Soviet Union).
Bush ordered the warships in the Persian Gulf and all forces into action besides an ongoing 24-hour effort to put diplomacy in motion to prepare for the war.
One time, in an interview with a media outlet, he said: “God has ordered me to attack Afghanistan and Iraq.”
We have a lot of neighbors who have sprinkled water on the ground for them and provided airfields for their surveillance aircrafts.
He (Bush) was so proud he didn’t respect any law in the world… We had only two options “Either Death or Captivity” and he made a decisive order about Osama Binladen and we were asked to hand him over to them handcuffed to take him to America for what they said implementation of justice.
The Late Leader of the Islamic Emirate, Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid (May Allah’s mercy be upon him) stood with firm and strong determination against all these threats and delivered a historic and proud speech that will forever be remembered in the country’s golden page of history, saying: “Bush promises us to defeat and Allah, the Almighty promises us success and victory. We will see which one will come true.”
In his last interview with the BBC, in a query to Dawood Junbush who asked how hopeful he “the Late Leader” was to once again achieve victory via military means, he replied: “A little while later … We hope that after a little while, we will see the same development as you are seeing it right now.”
And then, as a good emphasis, he told him, “I’m not telling you… Just remember to hit the American list and get close to the end. It’s a good prediction; accept it or not, it’s your choice.” We will then see.” Bush was proud of his power and technology enough to lose his sense and wisdom, he did not listen to anyone’s advice and finally, on the 15th of Mizan 1380 (Oct. 7/ 2001) he gave the command to start the war. They took our country under fire using its air, ground and marine forces.
This cruel, vicious and the Crusade (war) took 20 years, but in conclusion, the prediction of this Malang and Qalandar (an honest and true man who just relies on Allah’s help) Mullah Mohammad Omar Mujahid proved true.
The United States was defeated, defamed and did not reach its goals. This war was recorded as the longest one in the U.S.’s history, a war that was inherited by four presidents and damaged their dignity worldwide.

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