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British Prince & his confession of killing innocent Afghans!

Prince Harry, whose interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby was broadcast this Sunday night, says in the book he did not think of the individuals killed as “people”, but rather “chess pieces” which had been taken off the board and “bad people” who had been “eliminated before they could kill good people”.
“My number is 25. It’s not a number that fills me with satisfaction, but nor does it embarrass me,” he wrote. 0This British prince has served missions twice with the British forces in the southern Helmand province of Afghanistan, the first time in 2007 and the second time in 2013, and both times he confessed he did kill Afghans there.
This act of Prince Harry and his confession is not something to make people surprise as the invaders are expected to do so, but it is a pity and surprise for those Afghans, who were cooperating and working as interpreters, contractors, advisors, and others for the Western animals during the occupation and now introduce themselves as servants of the country and the nation.
It is not only the British Prince who committed such atrocities, but the invaders were here for killing Afghans.
Previously, there had been reports about the confessions of some American and Australian forces who had also eliminated and killed Afghans.
For two decades, the invaders have killed thousands of innocent Afghans, bombarded public places, educational and health institutions, wedding parties, and martyred dozens of children in a madrasa in Kunduz province ; for example, a drunk American soldier in Zangawat area of Panjawai district in Kandahar attacked on a village at midnight killed 16 Afghans. These are just a few examples, there are long lists of such tragic incidents.
Thousands of others were put and kept in barbaric prisons such as Bagram and Guantanamo for years, while they did not commit any crimes.
The invaders committed other atrocities during the period of occupation.
What surprise is that the international humanitarian organizations, societies and institutions did not condemn the acts and atrocities of the invaders during their occupation, but instead they used the words and considered their invasion as the protection of human rights and the war against terrorism, while the war of freedom against the invaders was considered as terrorism.
Why are the human rights watchdogs and institutions silent on these Great War crimes? Aren’t Afghans part of humanity? Why does the United Nations, operating under the beautiful slogan of defending justice and human rights in the world, turn a blind eye to this unforgivable horror?
The Afghan nation owes the favor of those who fought for the freedom of the country and won the war against the invaders. Today, Afghanistan is a free and independent country, thanks to the sacrifice of those young people who sacrificed their lives for freedom.
We should thank the Almighty Allah for saving us from the atrocities of the invaders and once again making us the owners of an independent country.
The best way to express our gratitude is to strongly support the current system and help in terms of the implementation of laws and consider this as our responsibility and national duty.
Abu Sufia

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