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Brief look at Afghan painting art

The art of painting is one of the most important and popular arts that has attracted the attention of many people for many years. The expansion and popularity of this art is such big that very large sums of money are spent annually in the art of painting.
The art of painting is one of the arts that has attracted the attention of different people over the years and has been used to express different and important concepts in life.
If we want to know what painting is and define the art of painting, we should say that the art of painting is actually depicting a mentality or an incident on a surface that can be drawn.
It can be said that the art of painting is the use of colors on surfaces to give personality to a raw surface. Painting is a powerful art and painters have been able to teach many concepts to people during human life due to the power of this art. Painting is one of the first arts that people used to record events or even communicate with each other before the appearance of writing. The interesting point in the field of painting is that the first paintings were drawn by human hands on the walls of caves, which are also called rock art. These paintings were drawn by nomadic people on the walls of the caves. The paintings found by archaeologists show that these paintings were usually drawn with three colors and they tried to be as close to reality as possible.
Of course, changes and developments in the world of painting art can be examined in the history of painting in several ways.
With the course of time, painting tools were developed and helped painters to create newer colors and textures, and new painting styles emerged simultaneously with social changes, which we will discuss further. Sahar Zarin, an Afghan painter, says she was enthusiastic of the art of painting from childhood. “When I was a student at school, I used to work as an amateur. With continued effort, I finally passed in the entry test and join the faculty of fine arts of Kabul University,” Mrs. Zarin said.
Three years ago, Mrs. Zarin graduated from the fine arts faculty, but she could not find employment. Mrs. Zarin asked the IEA to provide Afghan women with employment in the country. She added that painting could increase creativity, enhance skilled to solve problems, improve mind and concentration and reduce stress.
Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.