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Bridges construction projects completed in Nuristan, Zabul

KABUL: Construction work on two bridges worth 29 million Afghani (some 393,932 U.S. dollars) has been completed in Nuristan and Zabul provinces of the country, the Ministry of Public Works said in a statement the other day. Construction work on a bridge costing 26 million Afghani which connects the Wammah district of Nuristan with Kunar province has been completed and put into service, the statement said, adding construction work on an other bridge at a cost of 13 million Afghani has been completed in Zabul province. Meanwhile, the Director of the Public Works Department of Nuristan Mawlavi Ahmad Nabi Adil said that the bridge with a length of 26 meters long and 10 meters wide has been constructed within three months, according to the statement. “The bridge is situated on the Kunar-Nuristan road and it was ensured that the construction must of high quality, alongside the road 1,330 meters of retaining walls were also built to secure the movement of the passersby’s in this area,” the statement quoted Mawlavi Adil as saying. Some of the residents of both Kunar and Nuristan provinces have expressed their pleasure about the construction of the Kordar Bridge and asked the government to construct the Kunar-Nuristan road as well. Javed Husain

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.