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Both world & IEA need to have positive engagement & relations with each other

Although it is natural that each country has its own interests and they prioritize their interests more than others. Some countries even go for long and bloody wars to achieve and gain their interests. Nevertheless, almost the whole world has now come to this conclusion that most of interests and goals can be achieved and gained through sound interaction and diplomacy rather than using force.  It has been now clear that two super powers of the world  (Soviet Union and Western coalitions) and their forces have been defeated in Afghan istan in the last four decades. Entering to wars with such nations like Afghans to whom living in freedom for a single day is better than living in slavery for dozens of years cannot bring positive results. Following the military failure and withdrawal of the Soviet Union and NATO troops from Afghanistan, Afghanistan has kept its geographical position and is still important for the world as it has vast resources of mines. But with the Islamic Emirate takeover, this time the world needs to keep its interests through positive engagement and relations with the Islamic Emirate. The world particularly the US and EU member countries have repeatedly noted that they have no other choices, except entering positive engagement and relations with the Islamic Emirate. Now that the world has reached to this conclusion that they should enter positive engagement and relations with the Islamic Emirate to havetheir interests in the region, the Islamic Emirate is needed to pave further ground for positive engagement with the world, take precision steps to get national interests and make effort to enter such an engagement with the countries in the region based on which Afghanistan play an economic corridor for the region. This will help Afghanistan keep its stability for long time during which no country will ignore its interests and never go for destabilizing Afghanistan. As Afghanistan is a part of the world; therefore, it is needed that both the world and Afghanistan have positive engagement. and relations with each other as not only Afghanistan but also the world need to have relation. Abo Safia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.