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Both neighbors should jointly fight insurgency

A few days after Pakistan attacked some areas of Paktika and Khost provinces, the Prime Minister of Pakistan said that his country was in favor of good relations with his neighboring countries but added that the soil of neighboring countries should not be used against Pakistan. “We can no longer tolerate terrorist activities resulting from crossborder movements, and misuse of border issues is a red line for us. Pakistan wants to live in peace and brotherhood with its neighboring countries,” said Shahbaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan without blaming his country’s security forces for repeated failure in suppressing militants, operational inside Pakistani territory. This is not what Pakistan’s prime minister asserts, its defense minister has also warned that if Afghanistan fails to control of TTP (or in other word, take the security of Pakistan) they will again repeat the launch of airstrikes in Afghanistan, something ridiculous. Pakistan, instead of taking military action on Afghanistan, where, they can never find anti-Pakistani militants, should seek TTP inside its territory and suppress them and prevent them from influencing other countries. The Islamic Emirate never wants to interference in the other countries’ internal affairs, particularly Pakistan, but, in case of any attack, the defense and security forces of the country are fully ready to defend their soil and people. So, dialogue is the best way to address all problems peacefully, otherwise, launching airstrikes on innocent civilians people would never be tolerable. This is not the first time, that the Islamic Emirate has rejected Pakistani militants’ presence inside Afghanistan, it has long assured the neighboring country’s Pakistan that Afghanistan has no place for insurgency against it and that anti-Pakistani elements will never be allowed to use Afghan territory as their hideouts and considers any claim in this respect as baseless. So, the Pakistani government should not attribute its problems to Afghanistan as the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate said, the Pakistani side should also be careful in such cases and try to follow up and solve its problems more correctly, because, terrorism recognizes no border. Either in Pakistan, Afghanistan, or, any other country, they target innocents and disturb the security of the people. Recently, according to reports, an attacker packed with explosives, near a bank killed or wounded many civilians in the country’s southern province. Anyway, both countries should respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of each other and work together to find joint solutions in fighting terrorism and help both countries’ people live in peace and not allow bilateral relations between the two nations detector deteriorate

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.