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Border closure harms both sides’ economy

According to media report, the Torkham ground port has recently been opened to hundreds of Afghan merchandise-laden trucks. This happened after long negotiations between the two countries’ high-ranking officials on the border closure and its certain losses to the two sides’ economies. Media reported that Pakistan has recently closed four out of five border crossings to the Afghan commodities. The unilateral measure by the Pakistani side, to close the borders, is not only a subversive measure harming Afghanistan, but the act can also (and could) impose heavy losses to the Pakistani side. The neighboring countries’ officials persisted that the Afghan truck drivers should own visas while crossing the port. The claim of having visa by the Afghan drivers is something new and a mere excuse by the Pakistani authorities to keep continue imposing unjust pressure on the Afghan traders. The move by Pak authorities to repeatedly block the crossing points between the two countries can never be justifiable as they have never done and would never do this in accordance with the law or to be based on the two countries neighborhood standards. This act is done by them to further weaken Afghanistan’s economy and keep the Afghan leaders busy on similar disputes to may not the newly established Islamic system find an appropriate opportunity to resort to the building of infrastructures for the development of the country which experienced years of imposed devastating war and insecurity. Millions of dollars have been estimated to have been the losses originated from the border closures between the two countries. This is while both countries are the main suppliers of merchandise to each other. Afghanistan is the main connecting route of the regional countries to the central Asian nations and it can play a key role for Pakistan and Iran to transfer their merchandise to other countries of the region and the countries beyond the Amu River, sharing border with Afghanistan north. This is clear for the Pakistan politicians that the closure of the borders harms both sides, but they still doing this; meaning that the time-and-again border blockage has political purposes. But politicizing business in the economy would be an unrepairable slap to both countries’ economies which should seriously be avoided. So, both sides should try their best to permanently address the border dispute to have both nations peaceful and prosperous.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.