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Book-reading culture still weak in Afghan society

Book-reading is a noble culture that has been with humans since childhood and its first environment is home and family and the second is the school up to the highest degrees of education. Reading culture can be encouraged first in the family environment, then by school teachers and then by the media. Not only books related to the field but also books to add information, sociology, selfknowledge, anthropology, etc. In addition to the family, the government also plays a valuable role in promoting the reading culture. Various reading gatherings and competitions are held in Afghanistan by private and government institutions, in this context, the Islamic Emirate is obliged to promote this culture. Islam is a universal religion and the best religion, the first emphasis of Islam is on reading. Therefore, all members of society should read and study for the development of themselves, their family, society and finally their country, to understand the ways of change in the society and society’s thoughts, and to lead the environment and society towards growth and prosperity. In my opinion, book-reading has not grown significantly in our society, if book-reading has grown, the people of the society did not properly understand how to use it for the development of themselves and the society. By reading a book, we can use it from solving the problems of society to polish the soul, because normally everything is closed in the human mind, when reading a book, the mind opens to another world, and this causes thinking, increasing confidence and getting self and obtaining information and finding a solution for internal and external problems. If the necessity of reading books and their importance is interpreted to everyone, then nowhere would be found for a person to be unfamiliar with reading and ignore reading. For the progress and development of book-reading and how to use it for the development of the environment and society even the development of the country, reading competition should be increased, writing topics should be held, people should be encouraged to read by family, society, government, media and explain its importance for them to increase their level of information by reading various types of books. During the past systems, book-reading has not also been encouraged enough, this is why most youths are not still interested in reading books. On the other hand, most youths, if want to get their information increased, they resort to using mobile-phone to read the topics of their interests while they are not aware of the critical harm to their eyes when interruptedly watching at their mobiles without winking. So, the Islamic Emirate should encourage the country’s youths to book-reading and provide ground for the members of the society to willingly resort to the most important and fate-making issue and institutionalize culture in the society. Booksellers should also import books from other countries (particularly from Muslim countries with common culture) which are not against our Islamic culture and accepted tradition. The Baihaqi Publishing House which is operational within the Ministry of Information and Culture and has the responsibility to monitor and approve book-publishing as well as import various types of books to the country, should also work in this field by offering books in accordance with the culture and tradition of the Afghans. Bushra Parnian

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.