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Book-reading culture paves environment for development

According to reports, the Ministry of Information and Culture of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has recently held a book exhibition under the theme of Book-Reading Week, at the Kabul University compound on Sunday. A number of the Islamic Emirate authorities, a number of the Kabul University professors and students, writers, culturists and religious scholars have also attended the exhibition held by the Deputy Ministry of Information and Culture for publication affairs and with the close coordination of the Kabul University. The main aim of the two-day book and Holy Quran exhibition has been initiated by the Baihaqi Publication House, was to promote the culture of study among the people in the society. More than 100 volumes of various types of books and the Holy Quran have been published by the department and the book stalls relating to the publication house, have been opened in some provinces of the country. This was a good initiative by the organizers and they have done very well to organize the show, in order to promote the culture of book-reading among the people and the youths across the country, as a similar program was also launched in the country’s central Bamyan province and the authorities have should make efforts to open the publication’s book stalls in the remaining provinces of the country. This is clear that learning is vital to help a society process and book reading is very important in the life of human beings because it can be the biggest factor for their development and to achieve the goal, the educated youths should adopt different ways to get knowledge. This can be achieved through book-reading which can encouraged by holding such book fairs throughout the country’s provinces. A book fair is a gathering with a display of various kinds of books for book lovers to browse and buy while the authors get the opportunity to meet their fans. Book fairs offer numerous benefits to the life of a student. Through book fairs, a student can access books that are difficult to locate or out of print. The festivals bring together book enthusiasts, authors, and publishers together in the interest of books. Hence, when a student has an interest in a book that is hard to access, the author or publishers come in handy in making this possible. Book fairs offer more than access to books to students. They expose them to different cultures, connect them with their favorite authors, develop their interest in reading and motivate them. Therefore, students should strive to attend book fairs. Considering the one-day book and Holy Quran exhibition, in which thousands of various books, have been exhibited in Bamyan province, efforts by the Islamic Emirate’s Ministry of Information and Culture and other relevant organs are underway to promote reading books and encourage others to do so. This is good news for the young generation of the country to see, thousands of different books were displayed under complete peace and security at this exhibition by the Directorate of Information and Culture, booksellers, and some private libraries for public viewing. Media quoted Safiullah Raed, the head of Information and Culture department of Bamyan as saying that today’s exhibition of the Holy Quran and books was to encourage and motivate students and writers to come and have access to books. Most visitors to the exhibition, who are young people and cultural enthusiasts, said that economic challenges have prevented them from being able to buy the books they need. “Such exhibitions are very useful because an individual can find their favorite book and turn to reading,” said Mohammad Zaman, a visitor,” according to the TOLONews, the country’s popular TV Channel. “Such exhibitions cause young people to turn to reading,” said Reza Behzad, another visitor. A number of booksellers participating in this exhibition said that in recent years, book sales in this province have decreased unprecedentedly. “There are two bookstores in Bamyan, and even those are not doing well in this province, which has several faculties and two libraries,” said Imam Ali, a bookseller. “Recently, book sales have significantly declined, and the income is not good either,” said Hussain Jan, another bookseller. Desk of Reporters: Babrak Qayuomi and Feda Mohammad

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