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Book exhibition held in Kabul

Book exhibition was held in Pul-e-Sokhta, where it was one of the biggest drug addicts gathering centers and the smugglers had a good drug business from there in last 20 years.
Unfortunately, no necessary steps had been taken by the corrupt previous government to address the drug addicts’ problems countrywide, while the relevant organs’ officials were visiting there every day.
Fortunately, after the Islamic Emirate returned to power drug addicts’ rounded-up campaign started countrywide and tens of thousands of drug addicts individuals rounded up across the country and have been transferred to treatment health centers including 1000-bed drug addicts’ hospital.
It is to be noted, during a month Pul-e-Sokhta area biggest drug addicts gathering center has been cleaned from the drug addicts and returned to a beautiful place recently, a book exhibition was held there, and a large number of boys and girls were studying different books.
Massoud one of the Kabul residents said: “In the past large number of drug addicts had gathered there and were stealing people’s properties overnight, while, many times we asked the relevant police district but they didn’t address the problems because the drug peddlers gave bribe for relevant officials.”
Currently, Pol-e-Sokhta returned to a beautiful and cultural place in the capital Kabul, which was recently named Pul-e-Khushbakhti (the Bridge of Prosperity) and a book exhibition held by Serat Publications.
Meanwhile, PD 5 deputy police head department Rafiullah Ahmadzai has said there has been made positive changes in Pol-e-Sokhta and a large number of youth are studying books and the book exhibition will be open for three days to the eagers and different books including religious books, political books and cultural books has been exhibited.
Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.