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Blood of our husbands not to be dealt: ANDSF widows

Fatema 45, is widow of late ANP officer Nowroz Hussaini who was martyred last year in a clash between security forces and Taliban insurgents in Gajran district, Dykondi province. Beside him, 20 other security forces were also martyred during this battle. Fatema has four children including one boy and three girls of 11, 7.5 and 2 years old respectively said, beside supporting of my own children, I have to support four children of my husband’s second wife, who left her children in wake of my husband’s death and married.
Her old clothes and thin and cracked hands narrated her painful living conditions. She played the role of father beside being a mother. She impatiently counts moments for advent of spring and considers peace as her old dream, a dream that claimed life of her husband.
She asked, in the wake of government agreement with Taliban on peace, what would be the price of blood drops of her husband and his colleagues who were martyred in war on terror in the trenches against Taliban, the blood which according to her, were shed for protection of people. Fatema is educated and understands that freedom of women, free media and formation of ANP, ANA is due to sacrifice of ANDSF, she said, if Taliban come, these achievements would be destroyed and the government would be accused to political compromise with terrorists.
She added, if peace is restored, it is good but the ANDSF martyrs must be recognized as heroes and their blood must not be trampled down.
Fatema is not the only lady whose husband has been victimized by war on terror, but thousands ANSF officers and soldiers have lost their lives in this direction but their spouses are concerned lest blood of their victims would be ignored.
Zuhal 22, daughter of a slain ANSF officer, criticizes glorious occasions on the 8th of March and investment of huge amounts by senior authorities but no attention is invited to widows and orphan children of security forces who are wandering on the streets to support themselves. Zuhal’s father was a tankist of the ANA who lost his life in war with terrorists.
Zuhal said, I never forgive Taliban but in order, the continuation of this war not to take other fathers, I appreciate the government peace effort but redomination of Taliban regime, is not acceptable to me. She asked the government not to ignore devotions of ANSDF during peace talks.
Daud Nejrabi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.