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Blind students seeking education

Blind students in the capital want to create more educational opportunities for them in the country. They said that educational opportunities must be provided for them in every province of the country. Bushra is a student in the third class at Roshan Dilan Technical Institute in Kabul and she hopes to be a teacher in the future. “They took me twice and I was operated on. When I was operated on, they took me to the doctor again and told me to take an exam at the school to see if I could see or not. When they put up the board and I was not able to see, they brought me to this school,” said Bushra. “My special interest is in the science of Tajweed and Quran, which unfortunately is lacking in Afghanistan. If the teaching of this subject is provided in Afghanistan, experienced teachers should be brought,” said Mohammad Khalid, a student. Meanwhile, Noor Mohammad Faizi, the director of Roshan Dilan Technical Institute in Kabul, asked the supporting institutions to cooperate with this institution in the field of education. Mohammad Faizi added that the education of the blind is going on in the field of Islamic education, general education, and vocational departments. “My request to the donors is to come here and cooperate with us in the Braille section,” said Mohammad Faizi. Officials at Roshan Dilan Technical Institute add that currently 340 blind people, including women, are being trained in this institute. tolonews

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.