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Bitter and sweet memory of the past 20 years of Jihad

An eye-witness of a tireless and real commander of Jihad, al-Haj Mullah Mustaghfer

It was a very hot summer season when we spent the night in the Laghmshti area with 4 kilometers from the Farahrud district of the country’s southern Farah province, where the American drones and surveillance planes had flown all night. It was about 1 o’clock midnight. We were going back and forth thinking that the attack would surely happen, so we made all our preparations for the most possible raid. Three of us went to the house of Saddam, one of the Mujahidin and there, we met with Mullah Burhanuddin Minawal, a Mujahid with disability in one leg. He is currently the head of the Farah province’s Farahrud River Basin … and left three of our friends there. We also said to ourselves: “The situation is very bad. The attack will happen, but we will fight it. The friends were awake all night waiting for the raid to occur.” And they will either martyr us or will arrest us alive, but we had a commitment to Allah the Almighty that we would never surrender ourselves to the enemy, and will fight them until our last breath.” We decided to fight all day and all that tonight, in order to fight back the enemy’s operation to save other Mujahidin and do our best to protect our countrymen from conflict and the raiding enemy. We will teach you a lesson with the help of Allah. The night was about to end, but the enemy did not launch attacks and the sound of the fighter helicopters had not been heard. This was the time of Azan (calling for prayer), and colleagues started taking ablution. We, then, performed prayer and had our breakfast. The host was confused that how the planes are flying over a single village. Anyway, we stayed in the village for a while and there was a wedding party too. The host provided us dinner at 9 midnight, but said: “Mustaghfer, you should leave here, due to most likely happening of a problem.” We left the house after dinner, our team leader, al-Haj Mullah Saifullah Lawang, after greeting said the situation was not good and we will not stay there and have to seek for a bigger village. We left for a village named Khum Sangar and then there, we wanted to go to the market to buy some edible, fruits and other needed items and return via other parts of the river. Our team leader agreed. We started walking along the road and when we got near the HeratKandahar highway and reached the bridge close to the district and under the control of the enemy, suddenly, a heavy blast happened. We witnessed a drone had targeted our car, which, it had already detected. The bomb landed next to our car. Our car was completely destroyed. I thought, I was the only one, who survived the heavy strike and all my colleagues had been martyred at the scene. To flee a possible next strike of the drone, I jumped the nearby stream towards the highway, where I heard the voice of my colleague’s shouting from under a small bridge. He was Mullah Burhanuddin Minawal who was disabled in one leg, saying: “Mustaghfer, are you ok?” Yes, I’m and you?” I replied. He said he was ok too. How about other colleagues, none of the hurt? No, all of them are safe. Fortunately, Hafiz Saifullah, one of our colleagues is also safe from the second air strike of the enemy. Qari Badruddin Farahi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.