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Bitter and sweet memory of the past 20 years of Jihad

I thanked and praised Allah Almighty for the safety of all our colleagues. The situation was very critical and we were under the enemy’s control from Farahrud district. The enemy had lost their morale against the Mujahidin. So they could not come within 500 meters and attack us even though, at this time, we had also left our weapons inside the car. We waited for a while under the same bridge and when the darkness spread all over the sky, I told one of my friends Minawal to hurry up to see, if there was a car or any other vehicles on the road to take and leave from here, because here is not a safe place to spend time, as the enemy does not leave the district again. When Minawal got out of the small bridge, he told me that Rishkaw (a tricycle vehicle carrying four to five passengers to a short distance) was coming. But, the Rishkaw driver did not stop and ran away. At that time, another villager colleague named Mawlavi Shahabuddin arrived riding on a motorcycle. He got his friends off the motorcycle and took me near the fuel pump of Haji Nayeem Jan along the highway, Minawal Sahib also took another villager motorcycle owner with him. The fact that I and my friend Minawal Sahib are both disabled in one leg is another problem. We got near the Pump Station, and the leader of our colleagues Alhaj Mullah Saifullah Lawang also arrived and told me, hurry up and tell me how you are? Aren’t you and other colleagues are ok? Aren’t any of you martyred or wounded? We gave him full assurance about us and said Alhamdulillah, there was no problem and we have so far faced nothing wrong has happened to our colleagues. All of them are safe. The head of the martyr family embraced us with full happiness. The author writes that although the voices of the young colleagues were missing in the Talkie-Walkie for a while, but still the three other friends, who were separated from them at the same time, wanted each of them to find a safe place. He assured us through the radio (Talkie-Walkie) signal that thanks to Allah, our hero colleagues are safe. Don’t worry, god willing, he will reach a safe place soon, and even would join all his relatives and friends. The news of martyrdom was heard, but we assured our friends through the Radio signal that there was no problem. It should be noted that in the last 20 years of occupation, the people of Afghanistan participated in the Jihad to the best of their ability. When he reached the Haji Mohammad Nayeem Jan Pump Station, Mohammad Nayeem Jan changed his clothes and sent him to a safe place through a Mazda-type van, covering him with the branches and leaves and sent him to a safe place. In addition to helping his Mujahidin, he remained a coworker even in such difficult situations. There are many examples of such sacrifices in our country. May Allah accept the sacrifices of our Mujahid countrymen. After a short delay, the news came from the enemy that we killed a recognized Taliban commander named Mullah Mustaghfer and his colleagues in the Farahrud district in drone strikes. As the infidel enemy was not aware of our presence, and our Allah Almighty is the protector of His servants under any condition, then after a short time, the young Mujahidin reached their houses and trenches safe and sound and the cowardly enemy ran from the district to the place of the incident, where, they took the destroyed car of the Mujahidin with them to the district compound. All praise be to the Great Allah Almighty for helping us to implement the full Islamic system in the country and driving the arrogant enemy, the Americans out of the beloved country of Afghanistan with the unique sacrifice of the young Mujahidin. May Allah Almighty not take this system away from us and grant us the ability to do well with the holy system. Concluded Qari Badruddin Farahi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.