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Biometric voting ensures transparency of upcoming parliamentary elections

Independent Election Commission agreement on use of biometric for identifying of voters on elections day is indeed an important step for removal of criticism of political parties and inviting their support of election process that has increased hopes of holding on time election, paved the way of convergence of all political forces on election and has weakened the possible disputes on past-election time.
Prior to this, several political parties and movements had threatened that if IEC doesn’t agree on use of biometric instruments on election day and doesn’t change non-transferable single vote system and doesn’t accept direct and close supervision of political parties’ observers from IEC offices and centers, they would boycott the election and would shut down IEC offices in twenty provinces of the country.
This request was said to be late and there is no enough time for its implementation and would cause the election not to be held on Oct 20th and be postponed to an unknown time.
Now the IEC has agreed on use of biometric and IEC relevant sources have said that they have talked with a German Co who enjoys enough experiences to offer biometric services on Election Day. The German Co is expected to biometric the total voters of parliamentary elections upon their arrival to polling centers and make sure on transparency and prevent fraud and violation in the process. This issue could be the first step on agreement and shaping of a consensus between IEC and political parties on election and would facilitate further steps.
This issue was stated by Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah on Friday during celebration of martyrdom anniversary of former president and chairman of HPC Prof Burhanuddin Rabbani and called it effective in removal of differences among political parties and IEC. The CE added through use of biometric on election day a major concern of Afghan people and political parties would be removed.
This indicates that the NUG has also welcomed use of biometric on election day and its leaders are satisfied with.
Emphasizing that the demand of political parties was logical, the Chief Executive added that the NUG is committed to hold a transparent election and can say that the created gap between IEC and political parties is being bridged and paves the way of shaping a consensus and convergence between IEC and political parties for holding of transparent and acceptable election.
It is to the benefit of all political leaders engage constructively to ensure the elections are held on time. And this calls for resilience and persistence by all sides. They need to step up efforts for transparency in the democratic process and help both the government and the Electoral commissions on holding of elections on its due date and time.
Sabotaging the process and closing IEC offices would further fuel insecurity in the country and terrorist and extremist groupings to take advantage of the situation for their own vicious goals.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.