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Bilateral ties in favor of IEA, International Community

It has been almost three years since the twenty-year struggle of the Afghan people under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate against occupiers has succeeded, and a centralized and powerful Islamic system has come to power, leading corrupt leaders to flee the country. Despite all these achievements, the Islamic Emirate has not yet been formally recognized. In addition to extensive support and numerous accomplishments internally, the Islamic Emirate has also taken many steps to interact with the international community and continues to strive to strengthen these relations with many regional countries. Embassies and political representations of many countries are open in our country, and Afghanistan’s political representations in many other countries have been handed over to the Islamic Emirate. In the context of these developments, Sergey Lavrov, the Russian Foreign Minister, emphasized the development of relations with the Islamic Emirate and stated that the Islamic Emirate is the sole responsible power in Afghanistan. Similarly, the President of Kazakhstan has also removed the Islamic Emirate from the list of prohibited organizations and added that his country is committed to developing relations with the Islamic Emirate. Recently, the Russian Ministry of Justice reported to President Putin that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan could be removed from the list of banned organizations. This initiative reflects an objective situation. They are the real power. We care about Afghanistan”, the Modern Diplomacy quoted Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov as saying. Now the world, especially regional countries, has come to the conclusion that they should look at relations with Afghanistan from their own interests and not pay too much attention to the directives of the West and America in this regard. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has a very clear policy towards the world and has explicitly stated that it seeks good relations with all countries based on religious and national interests. Many countries are now in a good and fair interaction and revival of their relations with the Islamic Emirate, based on Afghanistan’s economy-centric policy and geographical position. However, developing bilateral relations requires the commitment of both sides, and it only yields good results when other parties also fulfill their responsibilities. Now that the West is creating problems in expanding relations with the Islamic Emirate, prioritizing the development of relations with Asian countries, especially regional countries, is beneficial for the Emirate. By doing so, not only will relations with the world develop, but Afghanistan will also be saved from unfair demands and political pressures from the West. Fida Mohammad

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.