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Biden acknowledges Afghanistan graveyard of empires

The President of America, Joe Biden, has stated that there are reasons why Afghanistan has become known as the “graveyard of empires.” Biden said on Thursday in a joint press conference at the White House with William Ruto, the President of Kenya: Speaking in a joint press conference with the president of Kenya, Biden said that it is very unlikely that anyone can unite Afghanistan. He also said in the press conference that there are other ways to control ISIS besides occupying Afghanistan. He also added that America’s attack on Afghanistan was “not necessary.” Meanwhile, Zabihullah Mujahid, the Islamic Emirate’s spokesperson, said in re sponse to Biden’s remarks to Radio Television of Afghanistan (RTA) that it is good that America understands this and admits it with a loud voice. Mujahid added that Afghanistan is a united nation and people. “ISIS is declining in the country and is not considered a threat, so there is no need for any country to pursue them or feel threatened on Afghan soil, Mujahid said. Previously, U.S. presidents called America’s attack on Afghanistan, which lasted for 20 years, a “necessary war,” but Biden was opposed to the presence of American forces in Afghanistan even when he was vice president. According to U.S. officials, during the 20 years, many were killed and wounded in Afghanistan. America was not the first country to leave Afghanistan disgracefully, as before this modern colonizer, ancient empires were also shamefully expelled from this land. The first major foreign wars in Afghanistan were initiated by the British Empire between 1839 and 1919. The first Anglo-Afghan war ended in 1842 with the deaths of 4,500 soldiers and 12,000 civilians. The second war between the two sides took place between 1878 and 1880 when the British were more successful. However, the third and final battle between them occurred in 1919, resulting in Afghanistan gaining complete independence. Besides, the Soviet Union attacked Afghanistan in 1979 during the Cold War. During this era, Afghanistan turned into a quagmire of foreign forces, and more than 15,000 Russians lost their lives in the country. Over 53,000 Soviet soldiers were also wounded. Eventually, the Soviet Union withdrew from Afghanistan in 1989. In the latest presence of foreign forces in Afghanistan, until July 21, 2021, 2,348 American soldiers were killed and over 20,000 were injured during the “Enduring Freedom” operation. Apart from Americans, 1,147 NATO forces also perished in this graveyard of empires between 2001 and 2021. Sayed Asef Fekrat

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.