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Better security on Eid days

By: Suraya Raiszada

Security bodies saying essential measures and programs have been taken to provide better security and preventing of possible terrorist scalations on Eid days.
Detailing security measures, specially the number of security forces particularly ANP that would be deployed on Eid holy days to prevent terror plots, deputy spokesman of MoI Zia Zia said, ANP forces in close coordination with other relevant security organs have already adopted necessary security measures to provide reliable security for our people.

He added, our measures include strict covering and control of all roads, subroads and gates leading into capital city. All mosques and holy places in which Eid prayer are expected to be performed will be covered by ANSF specially ANP. ANP special troops will undertake extraordinary and emergency duties and these troops have already been alerted to react and prevent possible hostile activities and have adopted first degree combat preparations.
Beside ANP specially operation forces, fire fighting, ambulances, medical services, ANP central hospital and other medical centerS will also be alerted on Eid holydays at combat preparations, added MoI official.
He assured the people to make further efforts to ensure security, fight on crimes, terror attacks and protection of people life and properties and would not allow terrorists to achieve their nasty goals.
Addressing people cooperation as one of the essential factors in the direction of restoration of security, he asked people to offer full support in war on terror and crimes with ANP. He asked people to contact 119, 101 numbers in case of meeting suspicious elements.
MoD deputy spokesman Fawad Aman said, ANP forces in cooperation and coordination with ANP and NDS have undertaken all essential security measures for peaceful celebration of Eid ceremony throughout Afghanistan. CPs have been set up on different places and ANSDF forces are ready at every places to provide security for people.
Aman went on to say, beside ground forces the Afghan Air Forces (AAF) are also alerted to undertake security jobs with full preparation.
At the same time UNAMA office in Kabul has also requested the warring factions to avoid violence on Eid days and show tolerance and goodwill.
UNAMA has expressed hope that the Afghan families would be able to celebrate Eid in a peaceful atmosphere void of fear and violence.
Our citizens welcoming ANSF special security measures on Eid days, said that they fully believe on capabilities and capacity of ANSF.
A number of military experts said that not only on Eid days but always ANSF should be making effort to provide security and curb terrorists plots.
These experts emphasize that no doubt ANP is committed to provide security on historical, national and religious occasions but people sincere cooperation with security forces is essential.
Security forces asked the people to refrain from air shooting shots and disturbing people during Eid days.
While capital city and other important cities have been crowded prior to Eid, people are strongly concerned on possible insecurities because recently terrorists attacked a school in Kabul and massacred large number of innocent students.

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