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Belief in truth and join hands for action

Certain Pakistani elites have recently acknowledged that their country is highly affected by their own internal insurgencies rather than abroad. Following the Pakistani politicians’ claims about the presence of the Tehrik-e-Taliban of Pakistan or the TTP members in Afghanistan and their attack on the neighboring country, the leader of Jamiat Ulama-Islam party, Mawlana Fazl-ur-Rahman denied the claim and said that terrorists were not using the Afghan soil against his country. The leader of Pakistan’s Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam party, denied Pakistani officials’ claims about terrorists entering Pakistan from Afghanistan, moreover, blaming his country’s government for providing the use of its airspace to the United States over the past twenty years to attack border areas of Afghanistan. He frankly denounced what he said was the provision of bases by Pakistan for the occupying foreign forces with America on the lead, to attack Afghanistan, they gave airspace to them to attack and kill the Afghans, but they didn’t complain, asking why are airplanes taking off from Pakistani airports and attacking them? As Mawlana elucidated, the occupants threw thousands of bombs on Afghanistan soil killing thousands of people and destroying tribes for twenty years. This is while, the Islamic Emirate has long made it clear that anti-security incidents in the neighboring country, have no connection to Afghanistan and this country should seek the roots of insurgency and insecurity inside its own territory, because all incidents happen in different provinces of the neighboring country, are hundreds of kilometers away from the Durand Line. Amid growing insecurity and insurgent attacks in Pakistan over the past two years, the neighboring country’s senior military and political officials claimed that Afghan soil is used against their country, while, any insurgency happening inside their own country, is their own matter, but often turning it to Afghanistan, under the Islamic Emirate leadership, since its power takeover. As Pakistan’s leader of Jamiat Ulama said, Pakistani politicians should believe in the truth of their own country which is growing insurgency in their own territory and that if any similar incident happens in any parts of their country, they should blame their own security forces for failure. Moreover, they should join hands with their Afghan counterparts to respond to any common insecurity happening along the two countries’ shared borders and do not allow such misunderstandings to cast a shadow over relations between the two nations.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.