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Bamyan’s tourists on the rise

Over 60,000 domestic and foreign tourists have visited the ancient Bamyan province, over the recent three months, according to the provincial officials.
The reason behind the increase has been said to be a sure countrywide security that driven attention from domestic and foreign visitors to the province.
The people, nowadays, confidently travel to the province and visit the historical attractions, particularly the two giant Buddha statues and Band-e-Amir, in the province.
Social media and TV channels regularly cover the recent growing visits of thousands of tourists inside and outside the country to the historically enriched province, where insecurity was the biggest challenge for the visitors, nearly one year ago.
A Kabul resident, Shir Mohammad told The Kabul Times that he usually visits the province for its historical sites and scenic and recreational areas.
“When it’s hot in the summer, I come to the province [Bamyan] to enjoy the fresh weather besides visiting scores of ancient statues. This is because of firm security in the province, after the return of the Islamic Emirate to the country.
He said Band-e-Amir and Band-e-Haybat were the most attractive sites in the province. Dozens of vehicles, every weekends are parked in Band-e-Amir and the visitors mostly walk along the rough and dusty road to the national park.
“But, the road between Band-e-Amir and the national park is yet to be asphalted. It is hugely dusty and mired with sludge and mud when it starts raining. It creates heavy difficulties for the visitors,” he complained.
He asked the organs concerned of the Islamic Emirate to rebuild and asphalt the roads extending to the recreational sites of the province. Buddha statues are of most interesting attractions, which thousands of tourists around the world have been waiting for security to visit. “The goal is now reached,” one of the visitors said. Not only from the neighboring provinces, but, people along with their families, from the remotest provinces such as Takhar, Baghlan, Herat and other provinces, also, come to the province to visit the beautiful natural sites and other attractive historical relics.
The provincial authorities of the Islamic Emirate have recently pledged to do more for the province, in order to attract more tourists, as security is now ensured all over the country, particularly in the province.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.