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Autarchy, key for elimination of violence against women

By: Shukria Kohistani

In continuation of campaign for elimination of violence against women that was held country-wide from November 25 to December 10, a function was also held in the connection in Babur Shah center by Ministry of Information and Culture the other day.
At this function deputy minister for financial, administration and tourism of the ministry of information and culture Sayeda Mujgan Mustafavi regarding poverty, unemployment, addiction, illiteracy and insecurity as the main factors behind violence against women and said that with economic empowerment of women we can eliminate violence against women in the society.

Ms. Mustafavi in connection with opening of women handicrafts’ exhibition asserted that we can eliminate violences against women in our society in a time that we make women empower specially in economic affairs and in such a way, they can work for regaining of their rights comfortably.
She added that one of the issues is effective in elimination of violence against women is giving awareness to them that in world 16-day campaign for elimination of violence against women, the ministry of information and culture held various programs for giving awareness to women country-wide.
According to her, a woman who is powerful economically, naturally is more successful comparing other women.
Head of national and international exhibition of Kabul and one of those who shared in holding of “Women handicrafts’ exhibition”, Wahida Shirzad said that at this exhibition, over 30 businesswomen from various provinces of the country were attended and laid their handicrafts for selling.
Regarding effectiveness of such exhibitions for selling of women handicrafts and elimination of violence against them Ms. Shirzad added that outdoor working of women and their economic incomes causes reduction of violence against women at family. When women and men of family work outside of house no atmosphere remains for violence against women and secure and peaceful atmosphere rules in family.
She said if all family members be engaged in a work and have sufficient income the violence reduces in the family and the economic problem be removed.
Emphasizing on making efforts by organs concerned, she proposes that the latters who work in the section of women, should endeavor to eliminate violence against women.
If the economic problems of families be solved, no place remain for violence against women and the atmosphere of family replaced by peace and sincerity.
At the same time, one of businesswomen Saleha Sakhizada who laid down her handicrafts at this exhibition said that we demand from government that a permanent workplace be allotted for us for the purpose of trade and handicrafts so that the businesswomen can work with peaceful mind despite Babur Shah center is laid free of charge at the disposal of women entrepreneurs.
Five years has been elapsed that she works at the section of handicrafts and weaving and with beginning of work, her family economic situation got improvement and is no relying to others from economic point of view.
She added that I demand from the chamber of commerce and industry of businesswomen to help women entrepreneurs.
Till holding of exhibition, this chamber works with women at Babur Shah center and has no any relation with us. It should help in blossoming of my work and provide market for our products.
She stated that now, I am optimist about enhancement of women presence in social field of the society.
Wazhma Sadat complaining about permanent place for marketing of her handicrafts added that Wednesday and Thursday, we display our products in Babur Shah center for selling and people welcome our products. But because of worsening of economic situation of people, our products have also no good market. Washma Sadat is head of Almas Sadat company who personally leading this company since one year. She produces weaving and knitting articles as well as jewelries and handicrafts. This is in a time that few days back, the human rights commission of Afghanistan has proclaimed that within seven months of current year, violence against women has been increased 8.2 percent comparing the same time of last year. According to the commission, majority of violences have been taken place in families against women.

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