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Attack on Pakistan embassy widely condemned

KABUL: Deputy Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan on political affairs Mawlavi Abdul Kabir strongly condemned the latest attack on the Pakistan embassy to Kabul, the PM’s office said in a statement the other day.
“The enemies of the people of Afghanistan launched a failed attack on the embassy of the brother Pakistan. We condemned it seriously,” the statement added.
The attack was launched to create tension between the two countries diplomatic missions, according to the statement adding the Islamic Emirate is committed to take security of the diplomatic missions.
Ensuring security of all diplomats and the diplomatic missions in Afghanistan is at the top priority of the Islamic Emirate, said the statement.
All the security organs were instructed to pay serious attention to the security of the diplomatic missions especially to the neighboring Pakistan embassy, the Prime Minister said wishing immediate recovery for those injured in the incident.
Also, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) strongly condemned the last attack on the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in Kabul. “Diplomatic missions are protected under international law. UNAMA wishes a speedy recovery to those injured in the attack.”
Ex-President of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai also denounced the incident and called the attack an attempt from the enemies to divide the country.
Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, former Chairman of Peace and Reconciliation of Afghanistan, also denounced the attack.
“I strongly condemn the attack on Pakistan embassy in Afghanistan and offer my sympathy to Mr. Ubaid ur Rehman Nizamani, the head of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan diplomatic mission to Afghanistan and his colleagues. Attacks on diplomatic missions, mosques, and educational institutions are not justified under any circumstance,” Abdullah said.
The United Nation Security Council (UNSC) also condemned the attack on the Pakistan embassy in the capital city of Afghanistan.
“The member of the Security Council condemned in the strongest terms attack on the Embassy of Pakistan in Kabul, Afghanistan, on 2 December 2022, where the Head of Mission came under attack and his security guard was critically injured,” The UNSC said in a statement.
The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry also strongly condemned a gun attack on Pakistan’s embassy in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.
In a statement on Friday, Nasser Kanaani expressed concern over the continued attacks on the innocent citizens of Afghanistan and condemned the attack on Pakistan’s embassy, on a school in Afghanistan’s Samangan Province.
He said the continuation of such attacks will result in destabilizing Afghanistan, which would go against the interests of the people of the country and the wider region.
Karen Decker, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires also condemned the attack on my diplomatic counterpart Pakistan in Afghanistan, Ubaid Nizamani.
“I am grateful he is safe & wish a quick recovery to the brave security guard who was injured. I join the call for a swift, thorough and transparent investigation,” he twitted.
US State Department spokesman Ned Price said the United States condemned the Embassy attack. Telling reporters he said: “We offer our sympathies and wish a quick recovery to those affected by the violence.”
“The United States is deeply concerned by the attack on a foreign diplomat and we call for a full and transparent investigation,” Price said.
Minutes after the incident, Pakistan’s PM also condemned the assassination attempt on Its Kabul embassy.
“I strongly condemn dastardly assassination attempt on Pakistan Head of Mission, Kabul,” Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif of Pakistan wrote in a tweet.
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