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Attack on innocent students is attack on knowledge and future generation

By: Suraya Raiszada

Recent attack on Sayed-u-Shohada female school on west on Kabul is continuation of the series of inhuman massacre of those terrorists that unfortunately their blood is never blunt from killing of innocent Afghan Muslims,.
Therefore, we can claim that attack on students is attack on knowledge and future generation.

In connection with massacre of a number of students the presidential authority has declared National Mourning and our national flag will be semi-hoisted throughout the country on Tuesday. Prior to this, these merciless terrorists had attacked Mavaood and Kawsar learning courses as well as Kabul university, students dormitory in Logar province too and razed to the ground innocent students and prayer performers.
Jawed Kohistani a former military officer said, targeting of innocent students of Sayed-u-Shohada school is nothing but frank enmity of this petrified group with basic human rights of girls and women of this territory.
He added, Taliban in similar cases never claim responsibility in their declarations to deviate public opinions but our people know that these blind hearts are professional criminals who have always made tens of families mournful for killing of their beloves.
According to him, this is not the first time that a school is targeted in the west of Kabul. Since many years and many times innocent students, private learning courses, and sinless prayer performers have been targeted in this part of capital city and massacred. In the last years most deadly attack have taken place there mostly on civilian population.
Even vice president Amrullah Saleh prior to his election as vice president had suggested that for protection of the inhabitants of this part of capital city, weapon should be distributed to them. So they would protect themselves during their religious occasions.
Amir Mohammad another expert said, it is clear that terrorists have no siblings and tribe.
Their bloody background shows that they spare no effort to kill every body to achieve their military and political goals. Recently terror attacks in west of Kabul were concentrated on religious ceremonies of Hazara Shiiat community and their schools and mosques were targeted and most of their victims were educated people.
Victims are those who learn knowledge from the income of their poor parents and tolerate thousands pains. On Saturday Kabul witnessed a deadly bloody attack by merciless Taliban. People have been witnessing death and calamity of their dear ones.
People think that war on terrorists, is only the job of government, which remedy or at least alieviating of this common pain is a national and collective responsibility.
Why, even the most bloody wounds don’t provoke us to a small protest and reaction? Under current chaotic situation witnessing and silence is not the people commitment as citizens.
This situation will be followed by repeated catastrophe and tragedy. The world silence against all these catastrophes in Afghanistan is astonishing. Why bloody attacks, slashing and court Kangaroo in Afghanistan are not assessed as catastrophe and terror? And the authorities concerned at national and international level think that they have fulfilled their responsibility only with its condemnation through a declaration.
Only expressing sympathy on these occasions with victims’ relatives, doesn’t reduce the main problem of people.
This sympathy rescues no victim and never prevent subsequent terror attacks.
They world should take a decisive and serious step against terrorists and their domestic, regional and globle supporters. In recent 20 years hundreds bloody and deadly attacks have taken place.
All terror groups are closely connected to each other and help each other during wars and clashes. Who shed blood in this holy month of Ramadan and kill innocent muslims?
This and many other questions have remained unreplied in Afghanistan?



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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.