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Attack on innocent children unjustifiable

Multiple blasts happened in western part of Kabul, on Tuesday, as the area has become the primary target of the enemy of education in the recent years.
In the fresh brutal incident, at least six children have reportedly lost their lives and scores of others wounded, after multiple bombings hit two educational institutions in Dasht-e-Barchi, one of the most populated areas of the capital.
The blasts occurred, when tens of innocent children were leaving their schools and wanted to join their homes.
Sincere condolences to the families of those lost their loved ones in the incident and immediate recovery to the victims.
This is not the first vicious act of the enemy of peace, security and education, such anti-human act has time and again taken place in the same area, claiming lives of scores of innocent civilians including women and children, mostly those going to schools.
The coward attacks, which are clearly against all Islamic teachings and human rights values, drew denunciation at the national and international levels.
The Ministry of Education of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan condemned the incident in the strongest possible term calling it against the Islamic teachings and humanity.
Targeting civilians, particularly, school children could not be justified in any religions and such attacks could only be called a move against education, literacy and spiritual development of the country.
Since the Islamic system is established, similar incidents are completely forbidden on the perspective of the holy Islamic teachings.
The whole Afghan citizens – in any parts of the country – must fulfill their Islamic and national responsibilities to cooperate with the Islamic Emirate forces, in order to identify those behind the brutal incidents and bring them to justice.
Civilians’ lives and properties should be safe, and those planning attacks should first, understand the fact they are deceived and second, they are just destroying their country in the interest of aliens who have long fueled war in Afghanistan to create discord among the people of different tribes.
Also, the enemies of Afghanistan should also understand the existing realities that they would never reach their goals by harboring militant groups and funding and sending them for destructive purposes to Afghanistan.
This is to be noted that all neighboring countries, particularly, Pakistan and Iran can join hands to suppress all kinds of nefarious groups and malicious circles and prevent their activities across the three countries borders.
On the other hand, the whole neighbors of Afghanistan should be confident that Afghanistan would never be used against them, and no militant groups would be allowed to reorganize to influence other territories.
The Islamic Emirate is now making effort to have a country free of terror, militancy, crimes and other kinds of anti-Islamic system outfits and to reach the goal, the Afghanistan is at the frontline, with a need for honest cooperation from the region and world.
The impartial policy of the Islamic Emirate and its efforts to not meddle in others’ internal affairs requires a joint bilateral work for a region free of insurgency and militancy.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.