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Assets of previous government officials disclose organized embezzlement

Some young people think that the wars and calamities in Afghanistan began after the victory of the Afghan Jihad against the Soviet Union. However, the truth is that the foundation of 40 years of war in Afghanistan was laid on April 27, 1978, after the establishment of the Democratic People’s Party of Afghanistan under the leadership of Noor Mohammad Taraki with the support of the Soviet Union and the overthrow of the government of Mohammad Daud Khan. In addition to treason and selling out the country, the communists were involved in murder, crime, torturing the public, filling prisons with innocent Afghans, bombing villages and groups, Russian profiteering, spreading atheism and bad morals, suppressing national and popular uprisings, and so on, financial fraud and corruption. Metrokhin, the head of the KGB archive, revealed in his memoirs the financial corruption of his mercenaries and agents, saying when the communist spy Chief Assadullah Sarwari sought refuge in the KGB hideout in Kabul, during the inspection, 4,220,000 Afghanis and 53,950 dollars were discovered in his car, which he had stolen from the spy directorate. “Hafizullah Amin, who was the second powerful and deserving person of the Democratic People’s Party and the government of Afghanistan, forced Assadullah Sarwari to give him and his nephew Assadullah Amin a share of the money from selling the properties of anti-revolutionary elements,” Metrokhin writes. Metrokhin said that instructions for selling the properties seized by Hafizullah Amin in Kabul were developed, and the money from the sale of confiscated properties went into Hafizullah Amin’s pocket. “The Afghan communists looted the houses of Mujadidi in the Qala-e-Jadawad area, known as Hazrat-e-Shor Bazaar, and obtained 4 million Afghanis, 800 gold coins, and 12 boxes of women’s jewelry from their houses,” he added. “All the valuable items stolen from the palaces of Mohammad Zahir Shah and Mohammad Daud were handed over to Hafizullah Amin and his relatives. Amin’s son secretly sent 128 kilograms of valuable items belonging to Zahir Shah and Daud Khan, which were part of the state treasury, to Japan in June 1979,” Metrokhin further said. “Out of the 55 million and 800 thousand Afghanis that the Soviet Union had given to the Afghan security agencies, only 25 million and 800 thousand Afghanis were used, and the remaining 30 million Afghanis were deposited into Amin’s personal bank account,” Metrokhin further added. This was the situation of financial corruption and fraud in the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Now, let’s take a look at the situation of the Islamic Republic, which has emerged as a result of the West’s invasion and aggression. After the Islamic Emirate took control of Afghanistan in midAugust 2021, the reports indicated that Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the so-called former president of Afghanistan, had hidden $168 million for himself and his loyalists. Still, he strongly denied it, saying, “I only left Afghanistan with simple clothing and a backpack.” The Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction (SIGAR) investigated this matter and reached a conclusion after several months of investigation. CIGAR reported, “Our report indicates that the former president left the country with at least one million dollars along with a backpack and clothing.” Recent findings by a research organization named “Organized Crime and Administrative Corruption Reporting Project” indicate that at least 10 former officials of the Afghan government, including the former Senate speaker, Marshal Fahim, Ahmad Shah Massoud, and Hamid Karzai, along with their relatives, have purchased properties and assets worth millions of dollars in the United Arab Emirates. Mir Rahman Rahmani, the former Speaker of the Parliament of Afghanistan, and his son Ajmal Rahmani, who are former officials of the corrupt previous government, have purchased the most properties in Dubai, totaling $15 million in value. The family of Marshal Fahim’s brother and Adib Fahim, the son of Marshal, are among those documented in corruption cases. The Fahim family has purchased properties worth $12 million in the United Arab Emirates. Asadullah Khalid, the former Chief of the National Directorate of Security and former Minister of Defense of Afghanistan is another former government official who purchased a house and property in one of Dubai’s areas for $5,492,000. This report also mentioned the names of Hamed Karzai’s cousins, Rashid Popal and Rateb Popal. Ahmad Wali Masoud, the brother of Ahmad Shah Masoud, who previously held various government positions, including Afghanistan’s ambassador to Britain, also purchased an apartment in Dubai worth $1,853,000. Therefore, such cases suggest that communist rulers and officials from the previous government embezzled millions of Afghanis and purchased properties abroad. It comes as many people in Afghanistan are under the line of poverty and are eyeing the international agencies’ assistance. Feda Mohammad

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.