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Ashraf Ghani’s chief of workers apologizes for supporting him

Chief of staff of Afghanistan’s former president Ashraf Ghani said that he made a big mistake by supporting him and for that, he apologizes to the entire people of the country.

Matin Bek who has also fled Afghanistan after the collapse said, he was sorry for campaigning for Ashraf Ghani and motivating people to vote for him.

He said in the podcast that, it was very unfortunate for him to be using the platform and the opportunity for apologizing to the nation.

“I had lost my father, members of my family, and I dreamt a united and developed country and was struggling for my dream Afghanistan. Today I realized that I was deceived and betrayed.” Said Bek.

Matin Bek accused the former Afghan president to have to be behind the collapse and misery of Afghanistan and added that the real misery of the country began in 2014 when Ashraf Ghani was elected as president.

“Nothing has come to an end, we are giving the Taliban time and observing their actions.” Added Matin Bek.

Matin Bek who was one of the closest allies of Ashraf Ghani said that there is no doubt of him returning to Afghanistan one day.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.