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Art fair to be held on ‘Elimination of Violence Against Women’

Deputy ministry of information and culture on cultural affairs and Ghulam Mohammad Maimanagi Art Gallery have been holding a six-day campaign on Nov. 25, ‘International Day on Elimination of Violence against Women’ aims at prevention of violence against women.
Director of Maimanagi Art Gallery, Mohammad Hashim Shareq told The Kabul Times that many programs to be held by the ministry of information and culture on elimination of violence against women in different departments in which our department is involved in painting exhibition.

‘Afghan women have been facing different types of problems since long and Maimanagi Art Gallery is about to hold a painting exhibition on Dec. 03 on elimination of violence against women,’ he further said.
Violence has different dimensions and takes place in different arenas, he said, adding this is the first exhibition being held in Maimanagi Art Gallery campus on elimination of violence against women.
All paintings indicate violence against women and the exhibition would be held in a specific day, he added.
As long as everyone knows, recently, the violence against women’s rate has been decreased and the aim to hold the exhibition is to aware the public people in this regard, he went on to say. Over the last years, women have been considerably facing violence, as through painting exhibition, we want to state that the main message of it, is violence against women in the country, he continued. Public library intends to hold a book fair in a women park, as well as Afghan Film Department is expected to hold three movie shows on elimination of violence against women.
The United Nations General Assembly has designated November 25 as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (Resolution 54/134).
The premise of the day is to raise awareness of the fact that women around the world are subject to rape, domestic violence and other forms of violence; furthermore, one of the aims of the day is to highlight that the scale and true nature of the issue is often hidden.
For 2014, the official Theme framed by the UN Secretary-General’s campaign UNITE to End Violence against Women, is Orange your Neighbourhood.
Thus, it is hoped holding such exhibitions can help decrease the rate of violence against women.
Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.