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ARA revenue 22pc up in 1401, officials

KABUL: The Afghanistan Railway Authority (ARA) said Monday that it had collected more than 3.1 billion Afghani in revenue during the 1401 solar year, showing a 22 percent increase comparing to 1400. In a press conference held at the Government and Media Information Centre (GMIC), head of the authority Mullah Bakhturrahman Sharafat shared a report about his led administration’s achievements and activities for the last year 1401 and its plans for the year 1402. According to Sharafat, the first study of the railway connecting Central and South Asia will be completed this year and the project is implemented in joint cooperation with the neighboring Pakistan and Uzbekistan. Sharing the administration’s annual report by the head of the Afghanistan Railway Authority, Sharafat added over 3.1 billion Afghani has been collected in revenue and submitted to the IEA treasury. Sharafat went on as saying that the 1401’s revenue shows an increase of 22 percent compared to the year 1400 solar year and the railway administration is starting the first stages of two major railway projects for the current year. The ARA head further said that the first steps have been taken towards the implementation of the railway project, which connects Central Asia to the northeast of Afghanistan through Pakistan via the borders of Uzbekistan. Abdul Bari Siddiqi, Deputy Administrative and Technical Head of the Afghanistan Railways Authority, also said that the joint technical teams of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan have evaluated the entire route for the extension of the Trans-Afghan Railway, but they planned to study it by a reliable company this year. According to him, in addition to projects (such as the extension of the Khawaf-Herat Railway and other railroads), the first part of work for the railway project from Mazar-e- Sharif to Herat has also started, the costs of which will be funded by domestic revenues. Also, the ARA has exported 12,492 metric tons of dry fruits and fresh fruits, precious minerals and juices through the ground ports of Hairatan, Aqeena and Torghundi. In 1401 solar year, there has been a 36 percent increase in the transferring process through the ARA compared to the year 1400. “The most the transportation through railways increases, the most the amount of job opportunities are provided and the revenue to the state treasury increases,” head of the ARA said. The project involving Uzbekistan, Afghanistan and Pakistan is expected to open up international trade routes and boost regional connectivity efforts. The railroad agreement was signed in February 2021 to connect the former Soviet republics with South Asia via Kabul and the 573-km track is estimated to cost 5.96 billion U.S. dollars. Also, for the convenience of the traders in the ports, the working time has been extended from 12 to 16 hours, the statement said adding they had provided educational opportunities for the students of the Polytechnic University and that they had also sent employees to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and signed a memorandum of understanding with Iran. Samiullah Momand

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