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Appointments of academic staff made based on eligibility, talent, official

KANDAHAR: The examination of 49 cadre posts of the southwest regional universities has been held at the Kandahar University, the university said in a statement Tuesday. The University Rector Mawlavi Akram Shah Asim said a total of 287 individuals who had submitted their applications to thesaid positions their exam has been taken in a transparent process, according to the statement. Visiting and supervising the examination process, Kandahar University Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Abdul Khaliq Chopan assured all the participants about the transparency, trustworthiness, order and discipline of this process, the statement added. “All appointments of academic staff are made based on the ability and talent of the candidates and no one will be appointed based on relationships and intermediary,” the statement quoted Abdul Khaliq Chopan as saying. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.