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“Anyone rising up arms against government is enemy and should be perished,” President Ghani

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani attended concluding day of a conference assessing the performance of the past one year of the Special Police Units at the Ministry of Interior on Thursday noon, a statement from the presidential press office said.
Addressing the gathering, President Ghani said holding such annual seminars were effective in area of professional training of security personnel and reducing their casualties, adding anyone taking up weapon against the government was the enemy and should be eliminated.
The president directed security and defense organs to prioritize preventing soldiers’ casualties in the next solar year’s plan.
“Anyone rising up arms against the government is enemy and should be perished,” he said, adding that he was not the kind of person who called an enemy a friend one day and enemy the next day.”My explanation of the enemy is very clear, their actions prove their enmity,” he added.
Speaking to Special Police Unit officials, the President said, “We want peace, but it could not be achieved with weakness, it can be ensured with your sword and power, the government does not beg for peace when you are here and neither we are in a weak position.”
The president went on saying that government wanted a peace that accepted the national security forces, adding no one could see the Afghan forces with an eye of humiliation. “They are the protectors of Afghanistan’s dignity and prestige, our forces are national, professional and apolitical,” he said.
The President also said the Special Units played an important role in rescuing civilians and national police in the war and they needed further investment.
Meanwhile, Abdul Sabor Qanay, first deputy interior minister, Special Police Units general commander, Brig. Mir Ahmad Azimi and Special Police Units’ Training Center commander, Lt. Col. Sayed Noor Hassan appreciated the president for his invariable attention to the Afghan forces.
They said the five-day seminar was aimed at explaining challenges and problems the security forces faced and finding solutions to them. They said Afghan security forces would continue to perform their job of law enforcement, public order maintenance and beating the enemy.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.