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Anyone can live peacefully, but Afghanistan needs real Afghans to develop

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has recently established a special commission to negotiate with Afghan personalities and elite figures to return home and take part in the country’s reconstruction and development.
The commission on return and communications with former Afghan officials and political figures repeatedly held meetings with the IEA Deputy Prime Ministers on the chair.
The main aim of the meetings was to invite real and patriotic Afghans who are interested in serving their country, including political figures and elite people who are now living abroad, to join their own Afghan society.
The wise plan by the Islamic Emirate helped scores of great personalities, including professional cadres in their repatriation to the country and resumed their lives peacefully.
The commission considers the problems of honest Afghans who have concerns and is making efforts to facilitate their return to the country.
But, according to reports, the U.S. special envoy for Afghanistan, Thomas West, has held separate meetings with some Afghan figures including politicians, journalists and women activists in Turkey. However, he did not comment on his meeting with certain Afghan figures abroad.
Such meetings should not be held as neither the Afghan nations nor the country want corrupt individuals to once again take control of their fates. However, they can repatriate and resume their peaceful live in their country.
West has apparently heard their points of views about how to shape an inclusive government, but nothing he made public about, with media.
This is to be noted that Afghanistan has abandoned those who did nothing but against national interests.
They looted public property, fueled wars and bloodshed, promoted discrimination and nepotism, committed target killings, spread corruption and created discords among different brother tribes of the country. So, they have no place among the people.
On the other hand, establishment of an inclusive government doesn’t mean that former corrupt individuals are allowed to once again take control of the fate of the nation and defame the Islamic system.
There is no negotiation with such individuals and there would never be talks with them on the formation of the system. They would never be part of the government in the future and no longer a member of the IEA cabinet. They can only return and resume peaceful lives in their country.
Thousands of professional cadres whose rights have been ignored by the so-called former republic system, have already left the country and the IEA is looking for any means to facilitate their return.
Afghanistan needs professional and skilled cadres who are not involved in corruption and national betrayal, but those who are honest, devoted and loyal to the national interests and those who have not harmed national unity.
The IEA is committed to cooperation with the committed Afghans and is looking forward to their return.
The friendly countries should help Afghanistan negotiate with patriotic and home-loving personalities and facilitate their repatriation, not those who grabbed national property and invested in foreign countries.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.