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Any decision on election should be made through all sides discussion, VP Danesh

KABUL: Second Vice-President Mohammad Sarwar Danesh in a meeting with the U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Karen Decker discussed issues relating to the upcoming presidential elections, a statement from his office said Saturday.
Welcoming the efforts of the government of Afghanistan for introducing new commissioners, the U.S. Chief of Mission announced her country’s full cooperation with the commissions, the statement said.
She said by appointing new commissioners for both electoral bodies, increasing optimisms have been come to the electoral process, according to the statement.
Mohammad Sarwar Danesh said announcing the election results for the remaining provinces and holding the upcoming presidential election have been the top priorities of the Afghan government.
He said that the process of the electoral bodies would go ahead transparently and according to the desires of the people of Afghanistan.
The final polling results for the country’s 18 provinces have been announced and the results for the remaining provinces would soon be announced, said Danesh adding using biometric technology, change in the election system and the presidential election timeline would be a priority of the electoral commissions.
“Government will not interfere in the election process and all decisions relating to the national priority on the election process should be made through all sides understanding and agreement of the stakeholders including political parties, election hopefuls, civil society, the international community and the government,” said Danesh.
Pointing to the peace negotiations, he said that an intra-Afghan dialogue was very important for the peace process to hinder any misunderstanding in the strategic relations between Afghanistan and the U.S., the statement quoted.
Meanwhile, U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission Karen welcomed the VP Danesh’s vision about the development of peace process and said all discussed would be shared with the U.S. government.
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