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Anti-terror operations should be continued

Growing insecurity in Afghanistan is influencing the prospects of peace and tranquility in the country to a large extent. People belonging to different walks of life are being influenced by it. Afghan civilians have had to undergo decades of sufferings and now the ongoing security situation does not have good news for them.
On the other hand, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF), who are on the forefront of fight with Taliban and other insurgents have continued to suppress and target enemies across the country, however they have also been faced with great challenges. But the most important point at this stance is that their sacrifices must not go in vain and they should be able to see the dawn of peace and tranquility.   
While visiting the Afghan Air Forces’ new command and control center on Saturday, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani told security and defense officials to continue operations against militants until intra-Afghan peace talks begins.
President Ghani said that Afghan security forces were fighting in front line against international terrorism. “No one was even imaging that we would have an air force five years back, but today we have an air force that getting empowered with each passing day,” he said.
President Ghani stressed that international commitments and agreements regarding the Afghan security and defense forces’ support and equipment were still in place and unchanged. He directed military generals to focus on fighting against the ‘enemy’ until (intra-Afghan) peace negotiations begin. “We would reach to stable peace in Afghanistan due to the sacrifices of our proud security and defense forces,” he concluded.
Since peace efforts intensified by regional countries and the international community, the Taliban militants spared no effort to disturb the peaceful life of the Afghan common masses and have increased their militancy campaign against the Afghan forces. They have targeted the military and civilians in each and every corner of the country, however the security forces have tried to avoid targeting the group members, only to facilitate the intra-Afghan talks.
But since the group has never accepted Afghans call for intra-Afghan talks and continued their bloodshed campaigns, then the security forces should further put pressures on the group and prevent their insurgency.
ANDSF are vital for the peace and tranquility of the country. Though their profession requires them to be on the forefront of the war, proper strategic planning and policy making by the government officials can support them in achieving peace without having to lose many valuable lives.
The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces are the bravest guardian of the country with rendering huge sacrifices for their motherland aimed at defending it from vicious circles. They have been strongly fighting the sworn enemies who leave no stone unturned in destroying Afghanistan. They proved bitter taste for Taliban, and Daesh extremist groups as their iron fist have squeezed fighters loyal to these terrorist outfits very properly, leaving thousands of them killed and wounded. ANDSF efforts for peace and stability in the country as well as their sacrifices will be always remembered and will mark as bravest martyrdom for freedom in the history of Afghanistan.
Afghan masses have time and again showed their support to their beloved forces and therefore they are needed to bravely continue their counterterrorism campaign and root-out the safe havens of enemies and terrorism in the country. Their anti-terror operations should be continued till intra-Afghans talks officially begins to seek lasting end for the ongoing conflict in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.