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ANSF wipe-out enemies’ threat

Whenever peace talks efforts speed up in the country, parallel to that enemies of people and our homeland show their militarist face, and don’t spare any effort to intensify war.
At present that president Mohammad Ashraf Ghani is involved in talks for strengthening of peace with political, Jehadi dignitaries as well as influential countrymen, the militants try to spread the scope of war in a number of provinces and attempt to show their hands up in talks through war, but in the past and present combat offensive, they showed that no Xenophilous has succeeded their plan except death, because our people hate militants and favor no war mongers. Due to this reason the terrorists gain nothing except death in all their fightings.
Some days ago that attacks took place by terrorists with vast support of regional secret agencies in Malestan and Jaghori districts, their attacks were encountered with strong reaction of ANSF where the militants expected high achievements, face with serious resistance. The residents of those areas beside their brave troops show that no offender can gain achievements or sinister goals through war. And with support of Allah the Great and cooperation of our pious people, the enemies would fail in every battlefield and ANSF would be victorious.
According to available reports, the militants are fleeing now and the ANSF offensive operation led by ANA chief of general staff four star general Mohammad Ashraf Yeftaly are advancing rapidly, destroy the strong holds of armed militants and have started mopping up operations in those areas.
Available reports show that armed Taliban terrorists are trying to destroy current facilities in residential areas as well as during countrymen movement and with destruction of high ways in a number of provinces create serious problems.
According to statements of some lawmakers, Taliban want to destroy Kabul-Kandahar and Ghazni-Zabul roads that would be facing with strong reaction of ANSF.
Because these highways which have been constructed with humanitarian assistance of foreign countries, have created frank and unique facilities for movement of our people.
These vital infrastructures would not be let to be annihilated by Xenophilous elements because they are public utility properties.
The lawmakers are expected to focus attention to these sinister goals of militants.
We hope that our lawmakers in their constituencies explain to relevant population the enemies nasty goals and ask people not to let them to damage our national interests and don’t neglect their subversive actions. Our people who see destroyers of our country, should immediately report to ANSF to prevent and eliminate them. Because inflecting death toll to people, the enemies spare no attempt to annihilate our national properties.
It is up on all of us to support ANSF like a single body.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.