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ANSA shuts down 3 fuel stations in Kandahar

KABUL: Afghanistan National Standard Authority (ANSA) has closed the activities of three oil supply companies over the continued selling of lowquality oils in the country, the administration said in a statement Tuesday. The activities of Azeem, Tahir Noori and Sani Noorzai companies in Kandahar were suspended after assessing them lowquality by the laboratories of the ANSA, according to the statement. Since the past six months, the National Standards has been inspecting oil tanks in the province and has stopped some of them. The National Standard Authority has recently taken necessary steps to prevent the import of low-quality oil and gas into the country. Meanwhile, ANSA’s officials said no one would be allowed to import low-quality oil into the country and asked all nationa businessmen to import quality goods or they will be dealt in accordance with the law, according to the statement. The Afghan National Standard Authority (ANSA) has earlier returned hundreds of tankers filled with low-quality oil in the country’s western and northern ground ports to the neighboring countries so far. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.