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Annual Rowash festival held in Wardak

The scientific, cultural and sports festival “Rowash” has been launched in Behsud district of the country’s central province of Maidan Wardak, where various traditional games are played, as well as handicrafts, books and homemade products are exhibited every year. The festival is participated by a large number of culturists, universities lectures, scholars, influential figures and entrepreneurs women and girls across the country. The festival is held in Behsud district of Maidan Wardak and some other provinces of the country every year to display handcrafts and homemade products. Adel Shah a Wardak resident said that due to some misunderstanding a series of challenges have occurred among our Kochis and Hazaras brothers and now, with the tireless efforts of the provincial officials of the Islamic Emirate, elders, scholars and influential figures the challenges have been solved and they are living in a peaceful and brotherhood environment. “I am very happy that I participated in the festival, where lots of home-made products, and various books for studying are exhibited and is created a completely friendly atmosphere among the participants, as well as such festive will cause a large number of women and girls begin small and big businesses in the country,” Nesar Ahamd a participant of the festival said, adding that the ground for small and big business and investment on various economic and development projects should be paved by the Islamic Emirate, as without domestic product our country cannot get rid of the foreign aids. According to the provincial officials, the aims of launching the festival were to strengthen social relations between ethnic groups and to keep alive the traditional games, home-made products and handicrafts in the province. On the other hand, Director of the Provincial Information and Culture Directorate Habibullah Mujahid said: “In order to strength youths’ awareness, keep people’s relationships alive and domestic and homemade products, such festival should be launched by the schools’ teachers, scientists, culturists and writers every year in the province.” Asking the government to support such festivals in the country. Meanwhile, the provincial governor of Wardak Bakhtiyar Maaz said that efforts are underway to increase the launch of such festivals with the aim of strengthening the culture of reading books, developing handicrafts, and solving the problems between ethnic groups in the province. “Creating such festivals which strengthen the public relationship, handicrafts and the most important reading culture, as a reading culture should not be the responsibility of an individual. It takes dedication, perseverance, and effort. It’s led by an enthusiastic and dedicated senior leadership team, and advocated by every student, parent, career, and staff member in the school community,” Bakhtiyar Maaz said. Adding that the Islamic Emirate, particularly, the Ministry of Information and Culture pays serious attention in the ground. Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.