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ANDSF; symbol of our dignity, independence

By: Masouda Qarizada

Hoot 9th (February 28) is coincided with national support day of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) which is celebrated nationwide. This day could be praising the devotions and sacrifices these forces sustain in hot trenches against terrorists.
Taking into account the sincere and right efforts and struggles of our armed forces in the direction of defending the country, ensuring security of people lives and properties, the Afghan government cabinet in principle approved and named this day, 9th of Hoot (28 Feb) as national support day of ANDSF and inserted it in our official calendar so to be an opportunity to our today’s and next generations to praise and appreciate the efforts and endeavors and their decisive response to aliens attacks.
The ANDSF honestly fight extremists and multinational terrorists and don’t let them to rule and dominate this ancient and historical territory once again. They forces have time and again foiled enemies vicious plans across the country.
As of 2014, the ANDSF, undertook all security responsibilities from the US-NATO led global coalition. In 2014, reports narrated that, these forces would not manage alone to carry out this heavy responsibility and defend our territorial integrity and independence. The situation would change in favor of Afghanistan enemies.
But the noble and committed saplings, the ANDSF, fought heroically and astonished the world, both friends and foes, pros and cons.
Their devotions and sacrifices were applauded at international level and they were admired as Afghan heroes. Just shortly after taking over security responsibility in 2014, the ANDSF practically proved that they deserve national and international support of the world and Afghan people. They are even now conducting independent military operations against insurgents in different parts of the country.
The Afghans unanimously saying: Afghan soldiers! We would not let your martyrdoms alone in the trench and continue your way.
The Afghan grateful people also saying that; Oh ANDSF, we would make you our example with taking your flag in our hand.
9th of Hoot (28th Feb) is an opportunity, so beside support, they mused be praised and appreciated as they are the freedom fighters of Afghanistan prosperity. We should tackle their problems, particularly the problems of the Afghan forces heirs.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.