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ANDSF should be further equipped

Apparently, there is no disagreement on continuation of war on terror in Afghanistan. The International Community who have been active in this mission for the last two decades, paid huge moral and material cost and sustained considerable sacrifices beside the Afghan people and government. Acknowledging non-elimination of terror groups and existence of powerful potential of terrorism in the region, the countries emphasized on continuation of war until full elimination of terrorist outfits.
As a big calamity, still the terrorism has been dominating our region with its sinister shadow and every day victimizes our people. Many terrorist groups are operating in this region have created potential and extensive threats against not only our regional but global security. There are certain regional countries who exploit these groups as instrument of their foreign policy and abusing this process to follow their interests and strategic depth.
Therefore, continuation of war on terror and ultimate suppression and elimination of terror groups is an urgent need. The member countries of global coalition who have already sent their troops to Afghanistan for war on terror, have welcomed its continuation as NATO, EU and the US have always acknowledged this issue.
Their representatives during meetings with the Afghan authorities and through their messages on media, have emphasized on continuation of their support of this war. The US undersecretary of state for South Asia, defense secretary as well as speaker of US congress visited Kabul respectively in a week and acknowledging the need on continuation of war on terror, announced their support of ANDSF. They emphasized on elimination of terrorist groups including Taliban until they agree with a political solution and end of war and violence in this land.
Addressing the media, the US Defense Secretary Mark Esper said until peace is not restored in Afghanistan, war against Taliban and other terrorists would be continued. This requires further strengthening of ANDSF because only they are fighting on the front line of war on terror and every day sustain victims with remarkable gains.
Senior security and military authorities of the international community have always acknowledged their sincere devotion and appreciated their effective steadfastness and bravery in this war. This effectiveness could only be improved when these forces would be supplied with additional equipment and essential warfare because their available equipment are insufficient and ineffective comparing to those of terrorists.
Their warfare and equipment should be replaced in order to enable them to fight efficiently against terrorism. According to military experts, ANDSF are affected with shortage of effective air crafts and artillery support.
Afghan Air Forces lack jet fighters and available fighters are not sufficient for their urgent needs as well as air transportation.
So, it is necessary that as their training process is going on, their equipping should also be continued and speeded up with advanced war technology. The ANDSF should become capable to meet contemporary need of war on terror effectively.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.