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ANDSF has more public support than ever: President Ghani

President Ghani addressing security forces personnel at Presidential Palace

KABUL: During a ceremony held in Presidential Palace yesterday, President Mohammad Ahsraf Ghani appreciated a number of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ personnel for their braveries and hard works in fight against terrorism and establishing security in the country and awarded state medals to them as well as issued decree on promotion of their ranks, a presidential statement said.
Speaking on the occasion, President Ghani thanked ANDSF for their hard works, adding Afghans proved that their country would remain democratic and independent. “Our security forces having public support more than ever.”
According to President, independence was not gifted to Afghans, but achieved through blood and devotion of the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.He praised coordination and cooperation among security organs as well as their timely actions in delivering aids to natural disaster’s victims and protecting the mega-projects in the country.
Meanwhile, deputy minister on security affairs for Ministry of Interior Major generarl Akhtar Mohammad Ibrahimi briefed the president on security of the elections and the voting process, thanking president’s special attention towards security and his video conferences with security officials across the country.
He went on saying that ANDSF foiled all vicious goals of the country’s enemies during the elections and provided a safe and sound environment for people to cast their votes. He also assured better security for the presidential elections.
Later, advisor to President Asadullah Ghazanfar read-out Presidential decree on distribution of state medals and promotion of the ranks of a number of security personnel. Based on the decree, high state medals of Ghazi Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan were conferred on minister of defense, interior and deputy to national security council and high state medals of Ghazi Amanullah Khan on NDS chief, chief of army staff and Mir Masjidi Khan medal on Kabul Garrison Commander Murad Ali Murad, the statement added.
According to the statement another 29 security officials were also conferred high state medals of Ghazi Amanullah Khan, Ghazi Wazir Mohammad Akbar Khan, Mir Masjidi Khan, Mohammad Ayoub Khan and Ghazi Mir Bacha Khan.
Meanwhile 72 other security personnel that showed devotions and tirelessly worked for security of the elections were also awarded with state medals. Based on presidential decree, deputy minister of interior on security affairs was promoted to the rank of Lt.Gen. and deputy to commander in chief and director general of the coordination affairs for national security council office to the rank of lieutenant general.
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